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How do I purchase Recital tickets?

The first step in purchasing your tickets is to CHECK RECITAL SHOW SCHEDULES (under the "SCHEDULES" tab above) to see which show(s) your dancer will be performing in.

On TUESDAY, APRIL 10TH AT 4PM our ticket form will become available. Pick-up a copy at the front desk, or print your copy directly off of our website! Fill out your form, and MAIL it back to us with your payment. We distribute tickets on a first come, first serve basis. 

Last, please remember no tickets will be issued until your account is paid-in-full, up to and including the June installment payment. 


Recital Ticket FAQs

My child is scheduled to perform in more than one show; do I have to buy tickets to all the shows she is dancing in?

No, we do not require you to purchase tickets for any show. You are more than welcome to drop your dancer off for his or her performance, and wait in the the lobby for any show you do not wish to purchase a ticket for. Please be aware, for security reasons we cannot allow anyone in the theater who does not have a ticket. 

 Do I have to buy a ticket for my toddler, or infant?

Yes. Patchogue theater requires that every person have a ticket regardless of age. They also have a very strict "NO STROLLER" policy. Please help us keep our shows running smoothly by abiding these rules. 

The ticket request limit is 10 tickets, but I need more. What can I do?

We limit ticket purchases to ensure that every dancer can have his or her fans in the audience. If you need more than 10 tickets for any particular show, you may request the additional tickets, by noting it on your order form. We will do our absolute best to accommodate you.

 Can I pay for my tickets by credit card?

Absolutely! The instructions to pay by credit card will be listed on your order form. You may inquire a small fee on tickets purchased in this manner.