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Celebrating our 25th year!

At TJE it's more than just a dance studio... we're family.

Come experience the finest, most talented, creative, award winning staff who will motivate your child to do the best they can! The benefits your children will receive while dancing at TJE are the qualities every child needs to succeed -- focus, concentration, self-confidence and self-esteem, plus they'll make a ton of new friends and most of all ... they will be having fun while learning the many forms of dance!

Also, TJE is a studio with a heart... we pride ourselves on our involvement in the community, with special needs children, disaster relief (local and nationwide). It's more than just dance at TJE!

The best part of TJE is the wonderful families that have been with us over the years and the many still with us since opening in 1993. Our Studio has attracted the nicest families around which has only helped make our studio what it is today!

We look forward to you joining our family!

Feature List

  • New Classes
  • 24 Years of Experience
  • Amazing Faculty & Staff
  • Community Involvement!

Thank you for making our 25th anniversary recital the best one yet!


We realize that these competitions are hard work and take a lot of time and effort from the Dancers, Teachers and Parents and we would like to thank you all! As always at the competitions our sportsmanship and support for one another shines through; This is one of the most important principles we value at TJE. We play fair and cheer no matter what trophy our dancers win. Good sportsmanship is very important to us at TJE, and always will be. We strive to always have that togetherness, whether it's a competition, a practice, a dance class or the recital!